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What is this all about?

Scan for PII, Credit Card Numbers, DOB, passwords, codenames, any regex you can think of!

​This SharePoint Content Scanner Tool is an automated tool to search for a specific text or a pattern in the specified SharePoint Site Collection or SharePoint Site. This tool can be executed from a remote machine to search for the content. This tool can be executed on both SharePoint on-premise and online.

This tool generates an Excel report with all the search details and all the references to the files along with access levels on the file

How this works?

This tools is a Windows application that used SharePoint client object model API. Apart from .Net you don't need anything to run this. Tool will parse files in your SharePoint, convert them to specific formats and then scan for sensitive data patterns.

Can tool handle large amount of data?

Tool comes with recovery features that makes it very robust. In case of failures, tool internally manages result data files and when you start tool again, it will allow you to start from where you left.

How can I get it?

 You can download basic version from Downloads page.


Basic vs. Pro


Basic version is freely available via codeplex. We also have a pro version with lot many checks and supports whole bunch of file formats. To know more about pro version please leave us a message. We will get back to you.


How can you contribute?


Tool works on set of regular expressions. You can come up with new set of regular expressions and share on discussions page. If you want to add any specific feature then please message us.

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